Day 23 – Ker-pow!

Browsing the isles during my food shop the other day, i came across some pumpkin seeds and oat ryvita crackers… now, i know seeds are good, oats in their whole form are also good, but i’ve not touched rye for fear of it being bad (i have made the mistake of buying beetroot, butternut squash and parsnips recently only to find out they all have relatively high GI values and so have been palmed off on my other half or made in to soups and frozen for post-lent eating!). What prompted me to buy them was the whopping 18.5g fibre per 100g product (i’ve mentioned in a post before that you can subtract these from the carb content to get the net carb gram-age… in this case 56g carbs – 18.5g fibre = 37.5g net carbs per 100g, or 37% carbs) and knowing that rye bread has a lower GI than other breads (although not knowing what that value actually was!). Seems it has a low GI after all:)

Having forgotten the ‘main’ part of my lunch the other day, it’s great to know you can actually pick something up whilst you are out and about. Even better is when your office buddy comes into work having made a positively delicious accompaniment!

Paulina’s totally awesome probiotic sauce for all occasions (in my opinion!):


250g Natural Yogurt

50g Olive or linseed oil

1 tbsp turmeric

1 tsp green pesto

Salt & pepper to taste…

Don’t be put off that it looks a little radioactive… that’s the turmeric talking! And turmeric is a super-spice as it has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties (and may even help prevent head and neck cancers!) – Take THAT Lymes!!!


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