Day 27 – The easy options.

As much as this Lyme diet lent has made me think outside of the box, try new recipes and buy ingredients that I never knew existed, there have been times when I simply can’t be bothered to cook – which can pose an issue, given the list of things you shouldn’t eat on a Lyme diet. To clarify, I don’t necessarily mean opting for a takeaway, but more like having pasta & pesto – which requires far less effort that preparing a lasagne from scratch, for example. However, some simple swaps have gotten me through – just a few of the easier, less experimental things I’ve made over the last 4 weeks have included:

Onion-based chicken curry & brown rice (I should confess, I usually make a BIG batch of curry base and freeze in portions for those times I can’t be bothered! Recipe to come!)


Chicken & Chorizo Jambalaya (brown rice or buckwheat) – Shove a mug of brown rice/buckwheat, two mugs of chicken stick, some chicken, chorizo, garlic, onion, pepper, ½ tin chopped tomatoes and a tbsp of cajun spice in a saucepan – simmer for ½ hour – done (2-3 people).


Thai vegetable stir fry (no noodles) – Fry whatever veg you can find in a wok with coconut milk and thai spices (can thicken sauce with lentils if you wish!)


And last night, sausages, lentil mash & peas – For mash, simmer 1 mug of lentils in 2 mugs of vegetable stock for 20 minutes. The other bits should be straightforward;)



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