Day 33 – Treats… sweet and savoury.

Sometimes you just need a cheeky pick-me-up, you know? Like when your other half gets to eat garlic bread with Bolognese and you can’t, or when you really have a craving for some haribo sweets….

Unfortunately, I’ve not come up with any amazing solutions, but maybe something that will take the edge off, starting with aubergine crisps:

Those vegetable crisps you can buy in the supermarket might seem like a good option on the face of it, but they are typically made up of beetroot, parsnip and carrot – all of which have a high GI when cookedL So I tried frying aubergine slithers, but because they are quite a wet, spongy vegetable, probably absorbed a bit too much oil for my liking and even after 8 mins, didn’t crisp up amazingly. Looking on the internet, I may try brushing the aubergine with oil and baking until crispy instead.




One less fiddly way of getting a ‘naughty’ treat however – sugar-free jelly! One little Hartley’s sachet gets you four puds, or make the mixture with a bit less water and you end up with something that has a closer texture to some jelly-sweets:D




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