After thoughts…

It’s been nearly 4 weeks since lent ended, and i confess i jumped head first into my old ways… 1st stop? W.I.N.E!!! I probably drunk a bit too much of the stuff since as well! Ooops.

However, there are certainly a few things from my lent diet that have, and will continue to keep on:

1) Swapping white rice/paste for brown rice/pasta – i totally dig brown rice, it kind of bursts when you chew it:)

2) Seeds and nuts instead of a cereal bar in my lunchbox – definately keeps the hunger at bay!

3) Up-ing the amount of quinoa, beans and jumbo oats i have in my diet – some of the most interesting and delicious things that i cooked over the 6 weeks of lent contained these bad boys.

Ones that didn’t make the cut:

1) Bread replacement recipes: if you don’t have to, don’t bother. There will NEVER be a good bread replacement – if you have to go low GI, do the wholewheat wrap thing instead.

2) Coconut flour cakes. Dry and boring with more than a hint of egg. If you are doing low carb/low GI, almond flour is the way to go – Graze ( have even got on that band-wagon and now make an almond flour brownie, YUM!

3) No/Low fruit – i get that this is key for Lyme sufferers, but i can’t help but think that fruit provides goodness too and shouldn’t just be sidelined. I will of course, continue to eat fruit to my hearts delight!

Lessons learned:

Many. I have learnt more about health & disease-related food and diet in the last 3 months than probably my entire life – it’s amazing what you can control/cure/minimise just by changing a few dietary items or rules. I feel quite empowered with that knowledge and between Paulina and myself, have even had business-related ideas… watch this space!


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